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An Introduction to Woodbridge in Suffolk

Woodbridge Quay Boats
Woodbridge Cottages
Woodbridge Tide Mill
Woodbridge Church Inside
Kings Head Inn

Woodbridge is on the banks of the River Deben, just a short distance from the open sea. Throughout its life, the town's prosperity has been linked to the water. For years it built boats and manufactured sails. The port grew into a busy, lucrative place, with dozens of trading ships calling here every year. It has a since become a more recreational place, perfect for sunny weekends. You can walk alongside the river, past the country pubs and the yacht clubs.

Elmhurst Park (in the town centre) is a good place to walk your dog. For larger dogs, try Kingston Field recreation ground, as it has more space.
Children are made welcome at the Tidemill where the exhibition includes a dressing up box. There is a children's playground at the Kingston Field recreation ground.

Woodbridge Street Map

Woodbridge Map

Woodbridge Guided Picture Tour

We start our tour of Woodbridge at the Tide Mill, one of the oldest businesses on the River Deben. Woodbridge's residents have been using the power of the sea to grind corn for nearly a millennium. The current pointy-roofed, white-walled building dates from 1793. By the time it finally closed, in 1957, it had become the UK's very last working tide mill. Thankfully it was refurbished and opened to the public, as a museum, during the summer months (Easter to October) and well worth a look inside. The mill still operates when the tide is just right!
Woodbridge Tidemill
Woodbridge Tide Mill
Tidemill Inside
Inside the Tide Mill, which contains many exhibits
Tidemill Workings
Part of the workings, seen inside the Tide Mill
Tidemill Hopper
The hopper and milling wheel
Tidemill Museum
Part of the museum and local art exhibition

The Tide Mill stands on Woodbridge Quay which is home to many boats, most of which are for pleasure. Here you can wander around the quay, admiring the boats - or pause for a refreshment in one of the quayside cafés. The Riverside for example, situated adjacent to the quayside, offers a restaurant, theatre and cinema!
Woodbridge Quay
Woodbridge Quay
River Deben
The view over the River Deben from the Quay
Woodbridge Quay Boats
Boats moored at Woodbridge Quay
The Riverside Woodbridge
The Riverside on Woodbridge Quay
Woodbridge Station
Woodbridge Station and Cafe, situated adjacent to the quay

Woodbridge has over 1000 years of recorded history and much more that was never written down. You can see evidence of this in the varied range of architectural styles, from Georgian houses to Tudor pubs. Sometimes these get mixed together, as 18th century refurbishments of 16th century originals. In the main shopping streets, such architecture is best found by keeping your eye above street level. Down on the ground floor, old buildings have often been transformed into modern shops and restaurants. Many of these are locally-owned, independent businesses. Woodbridge has a particularly good reputation for its food. There are lots of delicatessens, cafés and tea shops. According to the residents, the bakeries serve the best croissants this side of the Channel.
Woodbridge Cottages
Cottages in Woodbridge Town Centre
Woodbridge Shire Hall
16th Century Shire Hall
Market Hill Cottage
A Cottage in Market Hill
Woodbridge Restaurant
The Galley Restaurant
Gobbitts Yard
Gobbitts Yard, containing shops and a restaurant
Anchor Pub Woodbridge
The Anchor Pub
Kings Head Inn
The Kings Head Inn

Woodbridge parish church of St Mary's stands right in the centre of the town and dates from the 15th century. Inside the spacious church you will find many interesting items relating to the history of the town. One such example is the tomb of Thomas Seckford (1515 - 1557) who was an official at the court of Queen Elizabeth I and he became a benefactor to both the church and town.
Woodbridge Church
The parish church of St Mary's in Woodbridge
Woodbridge Church Inside
Inside the church
Thomas Seckford Tomb
The tomb of Thomas Seckford




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Woodbridge Map
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Woodbridge Tidesmill Painting
A painting of the tidemill, as shown in the museum
Woodbridge Water Pump
The Town Water Pump
Church Stained Glass
A stained glass window inside the church
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